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Guinot Cleanser and Toner Promotion is back!!!

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Did you know...


Lait Nettoyant:

- a botanical milk cleanser that gently removes make-up and cleanses the skin

-eye make-up remover

-brings the skin back to balance


Gel Nettoyant:

- cleanses normal, combination or oily skin without any unpleasant stripping sensation

- conditions the skin as it cleanses and maintains the skin's protective hydrolipidic barrier

- is a must for those who prefer soap due to it's gentle foaming action


Nettoyant Creme:

- cleanses and refreshes the skin thanks to a hint of peppermint

- suitable for all skin types; its creamy texture is well appreciated by sensitive, irritated or dry skin

-excellent shaving cream for those with sensitive skin


Lotion NOS & DS:

- these alcohol free lotions actually stabilize the skin

- quenches the skin to allow improved absorption of actives

- restores the skin's natural barrier function


Masque 103 & 105:

- purifying, clairifying clay mask that contain YonKa's marvelous Quintessesnce

- aid in addressing an uneven complexion, refine the appearance of enlarged pores along with diffuse redness

- 21 options to customize these masks to address all needs


Hydrant 60:

- a gel mask that feels "wetter than water" to ensure in-depth hydration

- when added to mask modelant it creates an intensive double hydrating treatment

- can be left on overnight for concentrated hydration


Galbol 90:

- targets skin with lack of tone

- contains hops, yarrow, white nettle, rosemary and sage, which will bring a firming, astringent action to the skin

- is the best friend of Phyto 52


Elastine Jour:

- contains 2% hydrolyzed elastin to help stimulate the production of elastin

- enriched with shea butter to impart nourishing, protecting and regenerating properties to the skin

- does not contain essential oils for those that prefer a more sublte scent


Phyto 58:

- provides and immediate anti-fatigue action

- botanicals and essential oils oxygenate, brighten, regenerate and detoxify the skin

- available in two formulations: Normal to oily skin formula that addresses acne due to 7.5% rosemary and a Dry skin formula that nourishes and softens the skin with sweet almond oil


Phyto 52

- an exceptional treatment to address loss of tone

- 10% rosemary will firm and regenerate while brightening and providing a refreshing sensation to the skin

- hazelnut oil will nourish and regenerat


Creme 93:

- a wonderful light-textured, balancing cream for combination skin

- mix creme 93 with Dermol 1 or YonKa serum to create a personalized treatment

- matifies t-zone oiliness


SPF 6 - Creme 410 Tinted:

- can be used as a protective cream instead of foundation for an instant glow

- pumpkin seed and cereal oils nourish and protect the skin

- filters UVA & UVB rays


SPF 6 - Lait Solaire:

- protects against UVA 7 UVB rays 

- 4% botanical extracts such as chamomile, calendula and St. John's Wort, will soften and regenerate skin

- its delicate and fluid texture allows great protection that even an oily skin will appreciate


SPF 20 - Spray Solaire:

 - contains titanium dioxide to reflect UVA & UVB rays

- olive polyphenols provide excellent antioxidant protection to fight free radicals and the effects of pollution

- easy to use thanks to the procatical spray bottle


SPF 25 - Creme 410:

- provides anti-aging sun protection including fruit and botanical extracts in a day cream

- protects the skin after chemical peels, microdermabrasion or treatments with vitamin A acids

- can be used on children


SPF 40 - Creme Solaire:

- an exceptional sun cream that provides the highest protection in YonKa

- contains powerful antioxidants in the form of green, white and red teas

- water resistant and frangrance free


Lait Apres Soleil:

- vitamin enriched formula to soothe and hydrate after sun exposure

- prolongs the tan while regenerating and nourishing the skin

- instantly calms the skin thanks to linden, cucumber and St. John's Wort


Prolongateur de Bronzage:

- prolongs the tan as it progressively colors the skin with an even finish

- enhances the tan by leaving a subtle, shimmery radiant veil on the skin

- provides exceptional hydration and antioxidant protection



- leaves the skin with a golden, natural looking tan 3-4 hours after application

- cereal germ oil enriched with Vitamins E & F nourishes, softens and provides anti-free radical protection

- easy to apply


Halo 70:

- creates a made-to-measure tinted moisturizer

- provides an antiseptic action

- great for those that prefer not to wear foundation


Gomamage 303 & 305:

- unique gentle peels that hydrate and re-texture the skin the more times they are used

- can be used for all skin types even the most sensative

- gentle enough for the delicate eye area

- the citrus essential oils stimulate blood circulation resulting in increased oxygenation and nutrition for the skin



- provides nourishment and protection for the delicate eye and lip area

- offers excellent anti-free radical protection thanks to vitamins E, F & PP

- becomes a nourishing eye mask when mixed with Hydrant 60



- make it your first choice for firming and reducing dark circles and puffiness

- to create an intensely nourishing treatment, mix it with nutri-contour

- lymphatic drainage movements accelerate best results



- a superb hydrating, anti-wrinkle treatment for the eyes and lips

- becomes an exceptional regenerating and hydrating mask when mixed with nutri-contour

- becomes a firming treatment when mixed with 1-2 drops of GaLbol 90


YonKa for men Foam Gel:

- ultra-gentle daily cleanser

- copper and iris extracts will purify, balance and tighten pores

- fresh citrus scent


YonKa for men Foam Scrub:

- polishes, deeply cleanses and oxygenates the skin

- bamboo silica and jojoba beads gently exfoliate and purify

- excellent to prevent ingrown hair and blackheads


YonKa for men Barber Shave:

- delicately thickens and foams to provide easy glide

- contains allantoin, sweet almond oil & aloe vera to soothe skin

- can be used by women to shave delicate areas


YonKa for men Lotion YK:

- alcohol-free, fresh citrus scented toner

- soothes the skin after shaving and purifies the epidermis

- non-oily, leaves skin supple


YonKa for men Nutri-Moist:

- contains natural antioxidants such as vitamin C & E

- quickly absorbs without leaving any greasy film

- energizes and revitalizes the skin


YonKa for men Age-Defense:

- ultra-hydrating gel-cream; excellent preventive cream

- improves hydration by 115% after 2 hours thanks to Imperate Cylindrica

- helps to diminish lines and wrinkles


YonKa for men Mask:

- purifies, oxygenates and detoxifies the skin

- absorbs excess sebum

- an excellent revitalizing mask for stressed and tired skin


YonKa for men Under Eye Gel:

- cool, fresh gel texture

- reduces puffiness and brightens dark circles

- smoothes fine lines and wrinkles


Bonne Mine for Men:

- an amazing 3-in-1 product; bronzing, hydrating, antioxidant & anti-aging

- provides a progressive radiant glow after 4-5 days

- increases hydration by 44% after 2 hours

- olive polyphenols provide an anti-pollution, anti-aging, anti-free radical vital force



California Sun Spa's Blog

Guinot Cleanser and Toner Promotion is back!!!

October 14th, 2017 • Posted by Purchase the 400 ml for the price of 200ml • Permalink

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