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Swiss Line

Cell Shock White, a paramedical whitening collection launched in 2010, merges the best in anti-aging cellular therapy with the most advanced whitening technology. An off-shoot of its namesake collection launched over 20 years ago, Cell Shock White combines medical-grade actives, bio-mimetic botanicals and cosmetic ingredients found in the renowned Cell Shock collection.


Sources of Comfort: Dry & very dry Skin
Sources of Youth: Devitalized Skin
Sources of Rebalancing: Oily Skin
Sources of Firmness: Slack Skin
Sources of Hydration: Dehydrated Skin
Cleansers,Toners and Exfoliants
Make-Up Removers :For All Skin Types
The Beauty of Eyes and Neck
Subtle care for high risk areas


The premier French YonKa collection provides advanced therapeutic facial care to cope with all skin inbalances and conditions: tighness and flakiness associated with dry skin, over-reactivity, dullness, excess shine, acne and lesions 

Soft Peels
Masks Eye & Lip Care
Nightly Recover Care
Boosting Concentrates 


FootlogixTM mousse uses groundbreaking technology called Dermal Integration TechnologyTM (DIT) - a patented trans-dermal technology that allows active ingredients in FootlogixTM to penetrate faster and deeper into the skin than any other product! 

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