California Sun Spa introduces Dysport services

To our valued clients at California Sun Spa,

We are so very pleased to introduce a new facial cosmetic service to our valued clients. Dysport is a Botulinum Toxin A neuromuscular blocking agents. When injected, these agents relax muscles and are used to prevent, reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles and expression lines leaving you looking refreshed and years younger within 2-5 days. It is one of the most requested minimally invasive facial rejuvenation services. Several areas of the face can be treated including the frown line area, forehead, eyebrows, crow’s feet, lip lines and corners of the mouth. An extremely tiny needle (like an insulin syringe) is used inject desired treatment areas with minimal to no pain and no down time.

We are thrilled to introduce Linda Belford, provider of our new clinical cosmetic injection services. Linda has a Master’s level education as a Nurse Practitioner and has practiced in the fields of cardiology, heart failure and transplant in a major downtown hospital for the last 16years and has been a Registered Nurse for over 25 years. Linda has extensive experience in acute care and treatment and is now also certified in facial cosmetic injectables providing this service on selected evening and weekends.

As a potential client of this service you can expect:

• Free Consultation
• High quality, safe, sterile treatment
• Extremely attentive approach
• Comprehensive customized pre-treatment planning
• Unhurried safety first service that helps you understand the full potential of Botox/dysport.

Less than 30 minutes is all it takes to make an incredible and be secret. autiful transition to a years younger, more vibrant youthful you. Impress friends and family with your youth preserving

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